SF Resident Day at the California Academy of Sciences

This weekend, the California Academy of Sciences had free admission for residents of SF with my zip code. So we decided to take the Vachette to her first museum visit.


We decided to start with glass-encased four-story tropical rainforest exhibit, designed so that you pass through the various levels of fauna that help define a tropical rainforest. Within the structure, butterflies zoom throughout the various levels. Interestingly, I learned that there is such a thing called a temperate rainforest, and that they can be found in North America as far north as Kodiak Island in Alaska and as far south as northern California.

Here’s the Vachette laughing about something in the rainforest:


After walking upwards through the rainforest fauna and butterflies, you take an elevator down to the enclosed groundwater level of the exhibit, where you can see what lurks in the rivers and lakes of an tropical rainforest. Here is the Vachette with a python. I am happy to report she is not a parselmouth.


The CAS aquarium also features other exhibits on the Northern California Coast, swamp life, and coral reefs.


It’s much nicer to reach for a jellyfish when they cannot sting you.


Naturally, it’s more fun to play with the plastic card with all the names of the fish than it is to look up and watch the fish.


We ended our museum visit with Claude, an albino American alligator. Apparently, he is now sixteen and half years old. His birthday is in September, so he is a virgo like yours truly.


2 thoughts on “SF Resident Day at the California Academy of Sciences

  1. Daphne looks pretty interested to me. And she just looks pretty too.

    Btw, I think this looks like the kind of outing Uncle Jesse would enjoy.

    xoxox Nana

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